How can rabies be prevented?
  1. Vaccinate all dogs and cats. It is recommended that horses, cattle, and sheep also be protected against rabies by vaccination.
  2. Control unwanted animals. Abandoned and unwanted dogs and cats should not be left to roam, as they can contract rabies from rabid wildlife and then transmit the infection to community residents and their pets.
  3. Avoid contact with wild animals and do not feed them or keep them as pets. Although you cannot get rabies by petting a wild animal, you are likely to get bitten if you try to pet or feed a wild animal. It is natural for wild animals to bite people that try to pet or feed them. Wild animals will also attack and bite when defending their young, which may be nearby but not visible. There are no injectable rabies vaccines approved for use in wildlife or hybrid crosses of domestic animals and wildlife, such as wolf-dog hybrids.
  4. Consult a doctor when you are bitten or scratched by any animal and report all bites to your local health department.

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19. How can rabies be prevented?