Why Should I Recycle?

There are many reasons to recycle both environmental and economic. There is truly no downside, especially when the County strives to make recycling convenient for you.

Recycle for the environment:

  • Save trees! Recycling paper that can be made into new products will reduce the number of trees that need to be cut down.
  • Saving trees helps to reduce greenhouse gases and in turn, will help combat global warming.
  • Save our petroleum resources! Yes, plastic is a petroleum byproduct, so returning used plastic into the manufacturing stream reduces our reliance on this non-renewable resource.
  • Save energy! Recyclables are renewable and available resources. Using recyclables for manufacturing decreases energy used for logging and mining to acquire virgin resources.
  • Save space! Land is becoming a precious commodity in southern New Jersey, so reducing the number of materials we put into our landfills prolongs its useful life.

Recycle for the economy:

  • Save money! By recycling more, the County of Hunterdon can save your tax-payer dollars.

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