Growth Management Plan

Hunterdon County Growth Management Plan

Adopted December 13, 2007

This webpage provides information on the Hunterdon County Planning Board's ambitious growth management planning process. This process is integral to assembling a successful Growth Management Plan representing our community's desired outcomes for land use, transportation, open space preservation and environmental protection. In the end, the plan will provide guidance to County government while simultaneously providing tools to municipalities to tackle the tough issues they will face in the future. For an overview of the revised Growth Management Plan process, please go to the Hunterdon County Master Plan website.

A key aspect of our planning process is public participation. Public participation will guide the planning process, resulting in boundless opportunities for education, input, discussion and buy-in at all levels. We urge everyone to get involved in as many aspects of the planning process as possible.

The planning process and the revised County Growth Management Plan is being funded by a grant from the New Jersey Highlands Council as part of the Plan Conformance program. Hunterdon County is working in partnership with the Highlands Council to update the 2007 Growth Management Plan. Part of the Plan Conformance program involved creating a Highlands Master Plan Element for Hunterdon County and a presentation to the Highlands Council