Environmental Toolbox


The Hunterdon County Environmental Toolbox consists of a series of model ordinances for municipalities seeking to manage growth and ensure environmentally sound development.

The Hunterdon County Environmental Toolbox was created in 2002 by Freeholder Marcia Karrow as a means to develop science-based environmental ordinances for use by Hunterdon County municipalities. This was done in direct response to repeated requests for assistance from local officials across the County who were looking for tools to better manage growth and ensure environmentally responsible development. Although the Environmental Toolbox begun as an initiative for Hunterdon County municipalities, we believe that communities in many other parts of New Jersey will find these ordinances applicable.

The Environmental Toolbox was overseen by a Committee that included local officials, County and State agency representatives, land use attorneys, engineers, scientists, planners, landscape architects, foresters, and representatives from both the environmental and agricultural communities. The Committee reviewed and endorsed the ordinances created by nine subcommittees. Ordinances underwent thorough debate, revision, and scrutiny by diverse interests in order to ensure they were legally sound, scientifically valid and responsive to the concerns of the diverse interest groups that would ultimately be affected by them.

Environmental Toolbox Committee Members

The Environmental Toolbox Committee Members consisted of professionals from the following areas:

  • Agriculture
  • County Officials
  • Engineers
  • Environment
  • Law
  • Local Officials
  • Natural Science
  • Professional Planners

Model Ordinances

  • Agricultural Protection and Viability
    Chaired by Helen H. Heinrich, ASLA, New Jersey Farm Bureau
    • Farm Fencing (PDF)
    • Farm Markets (PDF)
    • Litter and Dog Control (PDF)
    • Right to Farm
    • Establishment of an Agricultural Advisory Committee (PDF)
    • Wildlife Control and Management (PDF)
  • Soils
    Chaired by Chris Testa, Hunterdon County Soil Conservation District
    • Soil Erosion and Sediment Control
  • Steep Slopes
    Chaired by John King, Hunterdon County Shade Tree Commission
    • Steep Slopes (PDF)
  • Woodlands
    Chaired by Caroline J.S. Armstrong, AICP/PP, Municipal Land Use Center, Former Director, Hunterdon County Planning Board and Wilma Frey, Highlands Coalition, New Jersey Conservation Foundation
    • Woodlands Conservation (PDF)
  • Habitat Protection
    Chaired by Don Freiday, New Jersey Audubon Society and Eric Stiles, New Jersey Audubon Society
    • Threatened and Endangered Species
  • Lighting
    Chaired by Fred Gardner, East Amwell Township Committee, East Amwell Planning Board
    • Lighting, Supplemental Text: Lighting Fixture Guide (PDF)
  • Water Resources
    Chaired by Dan Van Abs, PH.D, AICP/PP, Manager, Watershed Protection Unit, NJ Water Supply Authority
  • Scenic Resources
    Chaired by Miriam (Teddy) Murphy, Tewksbury Township Environmental Commission
    • Hamlet Preservation
    • Scenic Vistas
    • Natural, Cultural and Historic Resource Protection in Major Subdivisions (PDF)