Drop from a Course

New Instructions

Please read through instructions carefully:

  1. Login Online
    • Type your student username and password
    • Role will be Student
  2. Select from left column - Enrollment and Schedules
  3. Select Class Enrollment/Current Semester
  4. In Class Enrollment box will be list of registered classes, click once on course title you want to drop.
    • Title will be highlighted blue
  5. Click on Drop Course button (it's on the right)
  6. Click Submit button at the bottom.
    • A message box pops up, "You are about to add/drop course. Do you wish to continue?"
    • Click Yes
  7. Page will refresh and show "Enrollment Successful", class dropped with the class name.
  8. Click submit and a message box will appear stating "You are about to add/drop courses. Do you wish to continue?"
    • Select "Yes" or "Cancel"
  9. If you chose Yes, new box appears with classes listed as Enrolled and/or classes you have Dropped
  10. We recommend you save that Successful Drop page until after class is held.

Important note: If you are from out of county and you do not Drop From the Course via our Online Registration Program you or your agency will be charged for the course.

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