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Rules & Regulations for Drill Request

  • All drill requests must be submitted 21 days prior to date requested
  • Drill plan must be made with Drill Coordinator prior to drill
  • Drill forms must be completed completely, including all companies participating, as well as the number of personnel attending
  • Drills will be canceled if the heat index is above 89 degrees
  • HCESTC holds the right to cancel any drills due to facility issues, weather predictions, natural disasters, or any uncontrollable events.
  • Drill company is responsible for providing Emergency Medical Services (EMS)
  • Drill company is responsible for providing only hay or straw the night or day of the drill. Please note that 3 to 4 bails per evolution if burning on one floor will be required. No pallets are to be brought to burn.

Company Drill Request Form

  1. Drill Date

    Please provide 3 - put in order of preference.

  2. Start & End Time
  3. Type of Training Requested
  4. Training Props That Will Be Needed

    Example: Burn Building, Roof Simulator, Forcible Entry Simulator, Tower, Car Fire Pad, Flammable Liquids Pit, Confined Space Simulator, Drafting Pond

  5. Organizations Participating
  6. Number of Members Attending
  7. Number of Pieces of Apparatus (If Available)
  8. Type of Apparatus (If Available)
  9. A Hunterdon County Instructor will contact you when your drill is approved and go over the drill in detail with you. Please make sure all information is filled in properly prior to submission.

    Form must be submitted no less than 30 days prior to requested date.

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