Woodland Conservation Plan

Planning for Woodland Conservation

A municipal woodland conservation program begins with the master planning process. This in turn leads to a set of land development regulations that address woodland conservation in a fair, predictable, objective way. Public involvement both in the development of a master plan and land development regulations is absolutely essential. Residents, including homeowners, farmers, and even builders, all have a stake in every planning decision a municipality makes. All should have a say in the planning process.

Building Greener Communities Planning for Woodland Conservation

The Hunterdon County Planning Board is pleased to share a publication called "Building Greener Communities Planning for Woodland Conservation". If you have trouble downloading the files due to the large size of the document, you can contact the Hunterdon County Planning Board at 908-788-1490 for a hard copy.

You may also view the publication online. The document is extremely large and will take time to download. We have broken down the publication by Chapters for your convenience.

Building Greener Communities - Planning for Woodland Conservation


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