Mr. Fix-It Volunteer

Here's How the Program Works

  • You choose the area of the county you would like to cover - Identify your Skills (chores, plumbing, electrical work, etc.)
  • Seniors call the Division of Senior, Disabilities and Veterans Services at 908-788-1358 with requests or they can email Mr. Fix-It Coordinator
  • The Mr. Fix-It Coordinator matches the request to the volunteer's abilities and preferences and phones the volunteer to ask of their availability for the job.
  • The volunteer either accepts or rejects the assignment.
  • To apply to become a volunteer - you must complete our Volunteer Application (PDF).

As a Mr. Fix-It Volunteer You Can

  • Work when it's convenient for you
  • Choose the types of jobs and the area of the County you would prefer to work
  • Receive Mileage reimbursement
  • Give back to the community by helping older adults maintain independence in their homes

Most Requested Services

  •  Install Grab Bars
  •  Repair Leaky faucets
  •  Change batteries or light bulbs
  • Install/Remove A/C Units
  • Install/Remove Window Screens
  • Install/Repair Door Locks
  • Minor Repairs to Furniture and Cabinetry