Flood Mitigation Resources

FEMA Preliminary Flood Maps for Upper Raritan River Communities in Hunterdon and Somerset Counties.

Resources for Residents:

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FEMA Grant Availability

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FEMA Flood Hazard Maps

View the Hunterdon County Effective Flood Maps website.

FEMA National Flood Insurance Community Rating System (CRS) Program

View the Local Officials Guide to Floodplain Management Resources.

Delaware River Basin Commission Multi-Jurisdictional Flood Mitigation Plan

Between mid-September 2004 and late July 2006, three major floods caused severe and repeated damage to thousands of structures and disrupted the lives of many in the Delaware River Basin. The flooding was the worst experienced since the record flood of 1955.

This Plan is the result of a multi-agency and local partnership that formed following those three Delaware River main stem flood events. The purpose of the partnership was to capitalize on resources at the federal, state, and county levels and assist local municipalities in completing a regional flood hazard mitigation plan. The overall goal of this Flood Mitigation Plan is to make the Delaware River Basin more disaster-resilient by reducing long-term risks to loss of life and property damage from flooding. the aim is to empower local communities to mitigate and support a sustainable community plan so that, when confronted by a natural disaster, they will sustain fewer losses and recover more quickly.