Project Lifesaver

Project Lifesaver SealProject Lifesaver utilizes state-of-the-art technologies to supplement existing public safety operations for emergency service response to lost and wandering person who suffer from Alzheimers and other Disabilities such as Down Syndrome, Traumatic Brain Injury, Autism and People with Developmental or Intellectual Disabilities. This program helps to eliminate the fear and anxiety of the client's families. Clients that are enrolled in the Program wear personalized wristband that emit a tracking signal. This one-ounce battery operated radio wrist transmitter emits an automatic tracking signal every second, 24 hours a day. Each bracelet has a unique radio frequency. The Sheriff's Office Project Lifesaver Task Force is equipped with special tracking equipment that can receive each radio frequency up to about one mile. In the event that a client becomes missing, the caregiver will immediately call 911 and the Task Force will be deployed to the client's last know location.

In order to raise funds for Project Lifesaver, The Hunterdon County Sheriff's Office partnered with the 911 Cell Phone Bank to collect used cell phones. Hunterdon County Sheriff's Office will collect used cell phones in the community which will be turned over to the 911 Cell Phone Bank for processing. In return, the 911 Cell Phone Bank will provide the Sheriff's Office with the cash value of the collected cell phones to be used toward cost of Project Lifesaver. In addition free emergency cell phones will be provided for the community. Residents and Business are urged to drop off used cell phones at the Sheriff's Office and at HMC in Flemington. Cell phones must now be recycled because they contain a large amount of hazardous substances that can pollute the air when burned and leach into our soil and water when hidden in landfills. Those old cell phones can provide needed funds and emergency communication.

A recent survey suggests that only 2.3% of cell phone users recycle their phones, but 90% would if they had a drop-off location near them. According to industry statistics on population, Hunterdon County retires over 5,000 cell phones every month. Monetary donations are also accepted and appreciated. For information, on Project Lifesaver, contact the Sheriff's Office at 908-788-1166 or Hunterdon County Division, the Senior Service at 908-788-1361 or visit the Project Lifesaver website.

About the 911 Cell Phone Bank

The 911 Cell Phone Bank is an initiative of The RMS Foundation, a 510(c) 3 public charity. It was created to provide an ongoing and readily available source of 911 cell phones and funds to meet unexpected and urgent needs of participating law enforcement and affiliated victim services agencies. Since its inception, the 911 Cell Phone Bank has generated hundreds of thousands of dollars and nearly sixty thousand cell phones for victim services organizations around the country. It is a nationwide program designed to maximize community cell phone donations. To learn more, visit

James Mosieur, Director of the 911 Cell Phone Bank, said law enforcement agencies around the country are signing up to participate in the 911 Cell Phone Bank Program. "No need is greater than supporting law enforcement agencies who work so tirelessly on behalf of their local communities," said Mosieur. "We're happy to enable residents to not only receive emergency cell phones, but to donate and give back to their community as well." To learn more, visit the Cell Phone Bank website.