Crime Prevention & Safety Resources

At Home Alone: A Parent's Guide (PDF)
By following safeguards, you can help ease some of the worry of having a child at home alone after school. Take measures to protect your kids even when you aren't around.

Cybersafety for Kids Online: A Parents' Guide (PDF)
The Internet has opened up a world of information for anyone with a computer and a connection! But just as you wouldn't send children near a busy road without safety rules, you shouldn't send them on the information superhighway without rules of the road.

Don't Let Your Family Go Down the Tube - Use Television Wisely (PDF)
Help your children keep television in perspective by teaching them to enjoy other activities and to evaluate what they do watch.

Raising Streetwise Kids: A Parent's Guide (PDF)
Kids today need to know common-sense rules that can help keep them safe and build the self-confidence they need to handle emergencies.

The Smart Route to Bicycle Safety (PDF)
Since accidents can turn a bicycle adventure into a bicycling tragedy, here are some tips to help make your children's ride a safe one.

Talking With Your Kids About Drugs (PDF)
Don't put off talking to your children about alcohol and other drugs. Open communication is one of the most effective tools you can use in helping your child avoid drug use.

Talking With Children About Violence (PDF)
No one wants to see children victimized. No one wants to see kids hurt each other. Many things today send the message that violent behavior is okay. Adults need to give children tools for avoiding violence, and let them know violence is not okay.

What To Do if Your Child is Missing (PDF)
Education and prevention are the most effective measures to ensure the safety of our children. This information provides guidelines to help protect your children from abduction by strangers. In addition, since many children are missing because they have run away, guidelines have been included to assist parent in spotting a potential runaway and a checklist for parents who suspect their child has run away.