Blood Pressure Monitoring Programs

Arm Getting Blood Pressure CheckedBlood pressure screening is a very important part of encouraging healthy behaviors, disease prevention and chronic disease management.

Based on availability Public Health Nurses may able to attend programs, events and gatherings to provide blood pressure screening for County residents.

Please contact us at 908-806-4570 to check our availability.

Blood Pressure Stages

High blood pressure greatly increases your risk of heart disease and stroke.

Heart Disease Awareness

Learn Healthy living tips from the American Heart Association website.  Public Health raises awareness about cardiovascular disease and save lives on National Wear Red Day.

People Siting at Tables

May Is Stroke Awareness Month

Most people who have a first stroke have high blood pressure. Nearly 1 in 6 american adults with high blood pressure Don't Even Know they have it. High Blood pressure can be a silent killer! Have your blood pressure checked and keep it in check to reduce your risk of stroke.

Stroke does not have to mean death or disability. Prevention, early recognition of signs, and prompt medical intervention are key. Remember time loss is brain loss. Get help F.A.S.T. This simple acronym can be taught to young and old alike.

  • Face: Look for uneven smile or drooping of one side,
  • Arm: Check if one arm is weak or flaccid,
  • Speech: Listen for slurring of speech,
  • Time: Call 911 right away. 
  • Get help F.A.S.T!

To learn more about FAST, visit the Young Stroke: An Unexpected Reality video.

For more information on Stroke Awareness, visit the Stroke Association website.