Guardianship Reporting

As a guardian, you should receive an annual reporting reminder in the mail from Surrogate's Court. Your reminder will include your docket number, your reporting range, your reporting due date, and the types of reports you owe.  If for some reason you do not receive a reminder, you are still responsible for the timely filing of all guardianship reporting forms.

Annual Reports

These reports are due every year within 14 days of the anniversary of your Judgment date.  Your judgment and reminder letter will tell you which of these reports to complete:

Additional Blank Pages

Need additional cover pages for co-guardians, blank new doctor's certification for next year's physical, or an insert page for disbursements?  Print from here:

Amended Reports

Need to fix a report you've already filed?  Find those here:

Final Reports

Has your ward passed away?  Find final financial reports here:


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  • It is your responsibility as legal guardian to be aware of your ward's medical care
  • Answer every question yourself, even if your ward is in a facility
  • Do not refer us to attachments in your answers
  • The Certification by Examining Professional is to be completed by any doctor who has treated your ward within the last reporting year - no other medical documents need to be included; please do not attach IHP reports
  • You can use a blank Certification by Examining Professional during any appointments over the next year for next year's reporting.
  • We do not charge any fee for cover pages or well-being reports.
  • Co-Guardians Reminders

    All co-guardians must report. Co-Guardians may all sign the same reports or send in their own reports. Either way, there must be a cover page for each co-guardian. (Co-Guardians who live together may complete one cover page with all names.)