Professional Standards Unit

The Professional Standards Unit is responsible for all internal affairs investigation involving members of the Hunterdon County Prosecutor's Office; the investigations may be administrative or criminal in nature. The PSU investigates all allegations of criminal conduct involving a law enforcement officer. The PSU also screens all IA complaints made to local law enforcement agencies and assists local agencies with their own investigations. Pursuant to the Attorney General's Internal Affairs Policy and Procedure (IAPP), the PSU is responsible for audits of the local law enforcement agencies. The PSU conducts reviews of pursuits and use of force reports, in conjunction with local agencies.

The Professional Standards Unit is tasked with investigating allegations of corruption involving public officials.

To make a complaint regarding the conduct or action of a law enforcement officer, contact either the PSU or the Internal Affairs officer of the local law enforcement agency. The IA complaint forms, as well as IA stats and policies, can be located in the Documents Section of this website.