Please Contact Dispatch at 800-842-0531 to arrange for all transportation needs.

Reservations can be made by filling out this form: Ride the Link Form

Please be advised the same procedures apply meaning reservations for the next day must be time-stamped by noon the weekday before transportation is requested. Requests made on Saturday, Sunday or a County Holiday will not be accepted. The information needed is as follows:

  1. First and Last Name
  2. Exact Address for Pick Up
  3. Exact Address of Drop Off,
  4. Time of Appointment
  5. Time you will be ready for the Return Trip.
  6. Date of requested trip must be included in the email or your trip will not be scheduled.

Dispatch will do their best to accommodate requested timing however it is a shared ride so timing is subject to adjustments.

A confirmation email will be sent once the trip is booked.

Cancelling Your Reservations

Please call Dispatch at 800-842-0531 or email cancellations at least one hour before the scheduled pickup. If emailing the email must be time-stamped one hour before your scheduled pick-up.