Hunterdon County Celebrating 300 Years Municipal Boundaries 1714 to 2014

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POWERPOINT PRESENTATION (with voice over, converted to video): allows the user to click through static slides of the boundary changes with a voice over describing those changes. If you wish to go back to a previous slide, please hold down the control key and click in the slide 2 times for each step you want to take backwards. You need to do this twice to make the sound replay. You may also click on the sound icon to have the information play again before clicking to the next slide. (NOTE: This is a large file - please be patient.) View the Presentation.

The changes to Hunterdon County Municipal boundaries were compiled by Patricia Leidner, Coordinator, Hunterdon County Division of Geographic Information Systems from: "The Story of New Jersey's Civil Boundaries 1606-1968" by John P Snyder and NJ Geological Survey; Bulletin 67, 1988 supplement, using existing GIS datasets for State of New Jersey County and Municipal Boundaries, Road Centerline Files and Aerial Photography. Every effort was made to create the most accurate data possible, but it was intended to be representative in nature and should not be considered definitive, please view this data with those stipulations in mind.