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Primary vs General Election (PDF)

Primary Elections: In a NJ primary election, members of the Democrat and Republican party will vote for who they want to represent their party in the general elections. Only voters who have associated with either the Democrat or Republican party can vote in a primary election. If a voter is unaffiliated, the voter can declare a party on election day at the polls. If you are an all-future vote-by-mail, unaffiliate, voter, you must declare your party of choice in advance to receive a ballot in the mail. The Primary election takes place on the first Tuesday, after the first Monday, in June.

General Elections: Every registered voter is eligible to vote on election day. Each voter has the ability to vote for any candidate of their choosing. The candidate for each contest who receives the most votes in the General Election is the official winner for that office. The General election takes place on the first Tuesday, after the first Monday, in November.

Hunterdon County Voting Machines and ExpressPoll

The ExpressPoll gives poll workers a simple-to-operate device that reduces check-in and verification waiting time for voters, increases the accuracy of ballots issued and improves the Election Day experience for all. The ExpressPoll application runs on a tablet which gives poll workers an intuitive, easy-to-understand user interface that’s similar to the digital devices they use every day.

The paper-based ExpressVote XL full-face Universal Voting System displays the full ballot on a 32-inch interactive screen and produces an independent voter-verifiable paper record. The ExpressVote XL improves the Election Day experience for voters — allowing them to mark and tabulate their vote in one stop.