Purchasing Division

The Purchasing Division is constantly striving to broaden the vendor pool for the various County purchases. the vendor profile allows prospective vendors to identify to the County types of goods and services which they offer. Depending on the procurement methodology, the Purchasing Division will provide the registered vendors an opportunity to submit pricing for the goods and services the County is seeking.

If an ample cross-section of the marketplace is not available through our registered vendors, the County will solicit additional competition through non-registered vendors.

The County does not give preference to registered vendors with regard to pricing considerations, but being registered will provide that when the opportunity arises, your company will be included in the competitive process.

Depending on the dollar value, the successful vendor will be required to submit different documents to satisfy the procurement laws within the State of New Jersey. For normal everyday purchases, the County utilizes a purchase order process. The vendor will be required to submit upon completion of the purchase an original invoice and the signed voucher copy of the purchase order.

A more complex purchase may require a more formal contract document. The contract document will require the vendor to supply proof of compliance with the Affirmative Action requirements of the State, general and automobile liability insurance, business registration certificate as well as any other State and/or County project-specific documents.

The County payment schedule is in conjunction with the Board of Chosen Commissioners meeting schedule. The county pays bills twice monthly. Please contact the Finance Department at 908-788-1120 for information.


If you are interested in being placed on the Hunterdon County Vendor Lists, view the Hunterdon County Vendor Profile Form (PDF). If you do not want to submit the form online you may download the form, fill it out, and email Raymond E. Rule, Jr., QPA, RPPO.

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