2021 Hunterdon County Veterans Medal Ceremony

This year we are honoring 36 Veterans. Medals are being delivered to each Veteran at their home, by the Veteran’s Services Officer, Rich Booth.

A virtual award ceremony showcased each Veteran receiving their medal from the VSO, alongside an active military photo if one had been made available. County Commissioners and Constitutional Officers were at the ceremony speaking about each Veteran and honoring their selfless service to this great nation.

Retired Air Force Colonel Joseph Milligan, formerly from Union Township, who spent nearly six years as a POW in North Vietnam, in remarks as guest speaker during the Hunterdon County Veterans Recognition Medal ceremony on Veterans Day, November 11th, told County Veterans and officials how his ruse about Skippy peanut butter put one over on his captors and boosted his morale during the long period of captivity.

The Historic Courthouse’s bell was once again tolled twenty-one times in honor of Veterans at 11 am, on the 11th day of 11th month, a Veterans Day tradition begun by the County Board of Commissioners several years ago.

Photo Gallery

View images of our 2021 virtual ceremony and recipients.