Services Provided

Emergency Communications (EMS)

New Jersey's first County wide 911 System (1976). Serves all 26 Municipalities in the County.

Provides county-wide dispatch services for all 911 calls, including police, fire, rescue and emergency services

Fuel Distribution

County provides 24/7 fuel distribution at 4 separate garage locations for Municipalities, municipal school district vehicles, first aid and rescue squad vehicles.


Cooperative purchasing program provides Municipalities cost savings for electric power, resurfacing and surface treatment (Chip Seal), line striping, delivery of snow and ice control materials, snow fences.

Farmland Preservation Program

The County has a very successful Farmland Preservation program. Funding available to all Munis for the purchase of development easements. Right to Farm issues are mediated through CADB staff. In addition, the County staff holds monthly municipal meetings with municipal Ag representatives.

County Clerk

The County Clerk issues Municipal Employee ID Cards, provide training for Municipal Clerks to receive CEUs in county, Ident-a-Shred Program is run with the Sheriff, County Clerk, Commissioner Board, and Municipalities.

Court Services

The closing of the County Jail has resulted in annual savings of $300,000. Offers alternative sentencing programs:

  • Sheriff's Labor Assistance Program (SLAP)
  • Home detention program

Economic Development

The Hunterdon County Economic Development Grant Program (EDGP) provides funding to Municipalities looking to explore, create, or implement programs, policy/procedures consistent with the goals and objectives of the County Office of Economic Development.

In September 2017 the County contracted with professional planning firm for a review of "policies, procedures and ordinances" in Clinton and Clinton Township to support economic development.

Emergency Services Training Center

Trains 4,500 individuals on an annual basis.

Provides training for emergency responders such as Basic Fire Fighter, Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), CPR programs and various in service and specialized training.

Facility Sharing Agreements

County Parks - The Arboretum, Deer Park Path and Echo Hill facilities are available to the public throughout the year. Organizations that provide Parks support or programming to the public are provided facility rentals at a reduced rate. Route 12 Building Number 1 Assembly Room is available to all organizations and groups for their presentations/events.

Firearms Training Range

Local Law Enforcement Agencies are provided Range access for Semi Annual Qualifications and specialized courses as well as recertification of Retired Police Officer (RPO) qualifications.

Geographic Information System (GIS)

County GIS Division provides GIS maps and updated tax parcels to Municipalities at no cost. Works closely with tax assessors. Public access available to online web mapping applications on the County GIS website.

Health Department

The County Health Department conducts public pool inspections and retail food or restaurant inspections. The Environmental Health Division receives and reviews septic system plans and investigates public health complaints.

Homeland Security

Funds the following;

  • RMS a record management system through the Mobile Data Terminals (MDTs)/Communications
  • IAMRESPONDING a system for notifying department members of messages schedules and notifies who is responding.
  • EVERBRIDGE a mass community notification system otherwise known as reverse 911.

Human Services

LINK transportation vehicles are available for local events

Office of Emergency Management

Provides assistance to municipalities and various non-profit organizations with developing Incident Action Plans for Mass Gatherings. Provides equipment such as message boards, light towers, generators.

Parks & Recreation Services

Rental of meeting rooms or other Parks facilities available to organizations at reduced rates

Trail easements proposed with Camp Bernie and Cross Roads Academy to connect the upper tier of Northern parks.

Planning & Zoning Administration

Planning department staff available to provide advice to Municipalities as needed for review of Municipal planning documents.

Police Services

Prosecutors Office provides county wide teams such as SWAT, Arson Task Force, Fatal Accident Investigation.

Printing & Mailing Services

County Print Shop provides printing services (newsletters, brochures, flyers, post cards, full color copies etc.) and bulk mailing services for municipalities and organizations within the County. The Mailing Division also provides United States Postal Service (USPS) mail processing for the State's Administrative Office of Courts for Hunterdon County.

Public Safety

All County provided services are at no cost to local governments.

Homeland Security funds the following:

  • RMS a record management system through the Mobile Data Terminals (MDTs)/Communications

The county provides the record management computer system of police activity data for all Hunterdon County police departments. All local Departments can access the data.

  • IAMRESPONDING a system for notifying department members of messages schedules and notifies who is responding.
    • The county provides the mobile network notification system that allows all emergency responders to advise that they are responding to an emergency call via a single button on a mobile phone.
    • This service is particularly valuable to volunteer fire companies so the number of responders on a fire call can be instantly known to Fire Chiefs. It is also used by local rescue squads and police.
  • EVERBRIDGE a mass community notification system otherwise known as reverse 911.
    • The county provides the reverse 911 notification service to individual municipalities and schools to provide notifications locally, as well as county wide notices.
  • Digital structure mapping software
    • Digital structure mapping software is provided by the County to all Hunterdon County schools and all local responders for use in responding to school emergencies.

Records Services

Secured Climate Controlled Records and Document Storage for Municipalities. No cost to Munis for the first 5 years.

Restaurant Inspections

County Environmental Health Division is responsible for periodic retail food inspections. Results posted on County website

Solid Waste Management

Electronic and hazardous waste recycling events (at least 2 a year). Receive tonnage reports from Commercial establishments. Provides tire removal services. Also provides recycling education to schools.

Tax Billing & Collection

The County Board of Taxation provides MOD-IV (tax assessment) software to our municipalities.

Wastewater Treatments

The Board of Chosen Commissioners is the Wastewater Management Planning Agency for all Municipalities outside of the Highlands.

The County Planning Department is currently working on completing Municipal Wastewater Management Plans.