Shared Services Advisory Committee


  • Frank J. Bell, AIA, Project Management
  • Daniel Bush, Division Head, Parks and Recreation Division
  • Kevin Davis, County Administrator
  • Karen DeMarco, Director, Department of Health/County Health Officer
  • Bob Hornby, Planning Services Division/Shared Services Coordinator
  • Patty Leidner, Division Head, Geographic information Systems (GIS) Division
  • Rebecca Lunger, Division Head, Recycling Services, Health Department
  • Tom Mathews, Director, Department of Public Works
  • Mary Melfi, County Clerk
  • Brad Myhre, County Chief of Staff
  • Meagan O'Reilly, Administrator, Department of Human Services
  • Jennifer O'Sullivan, Senior Public Health Investigator, Health Department
  • Tadhgh Rainey, Division Manager,, Health Department
  • Zach T. Rich, County Commissioner Liaison
  • Raymond E. Rule, Jr. County Purchasing Agent, Purchasing Division
  • Robert Thurgarland, Division Manager, Information Services Division

Committee Overview

Hunterdon County has established a Shared Service Committee to facilitate the coordination of services and information sharing between the County and local government partners in order to improve services and reduce costs of local government.

The Hunterdon County Shared Services Committee is committed to sharing information and ideas in order to proactively promote and implement shared services in our community. Specifically the Committee will focus its efforts on prioritizing community needs, evaluating and tracking shared services activities within Hunterdon County, and collaborating with community partners in order to meet the needs the community. Additionally, the Shared Services Committee is tasked with facilitating services among Hunterdon County departments, divisions and committees to expedite projects and efficiencies within County government functions and improve services to the community.

The Hunterdon County Shared Services' website has been designed to be used to provide tools, updates and information to facilitate and improve sharing services, consolidation of operations, and increased efficiencies for local government in Hunterdon County.